If you have a Premium subscription we offer additional customization options for videos that you have embedded on your website. Any changes you make to the customization options will apply to all videos you have embedded.

To access the video customization options:

  1. Navigate to your Account Profile by clicking on your Name > Account in the top right.
  2. Click on the Video tab. Note: If you don't have a Video tab than you may not have a Premium subscription. You can confirm your subscription type on the Subscriptions tab.

Adding your logo

You can add your logo to your embedded videos in the form of a watermark that is displayed in the lower right corner of the video player. Turning on this option will apply it to all videos that you have/will embed.

  1. In the Personal Logo section, upload your logo to use as the watermark. If you already have a logo there, uploading a new logo will replace the previous one. We recommend the following best practices for the your logo:
    • Use a solid color logo in either black or white.
    • Keep the opacity between 65% and 90%.
    • Save as a PNG file type with a transparent background.
  2. In the Add Logo Watermark section, check the box next to Include Personal Logo. You'll see your logo show up in the preview. (If you'd like to also include the Life Happens logo, check the box next to Include Company Logo and it will be displayed in the lower left corner of the video player.)
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Adding an introduction card or closing card

You can also add an introduction card and/or a closing card to your video player. This allows you to add your logo and a personal message to the video. An introduction card is displayed before the video plays and a closing card is displayed after the video plays.

  1. In the Introduction Card (or Closing Card) section, click the toggle to the right of the section title to turn it on and display the options. When the toggle is turned on it is colored blue.

  2. Add your text. In the gray box you can directly type any Title, Subtitle and Description text you'd like to use. The Title and Subtitle text is limited to one line and the Description text is limited to three lines.
  3. Include your logo. Check the box next to Include Logo to add your logo to the card. This logo can be updated on the Profile tab and is the same logo used for your resource personalization.
  4. Select a background color. The default background color for the card is gray. To change this color click on the color square and select a color using the color picker or enter the hex color code on the box.
  5. Select a text color. The default text color for the card is black.To change this color click on the color square and select a color using the color picker or enter the hex color code on the box.
  6. When you have finished adding your customization click Save at the bottom of the page.