Life Happens Pro has a wealth of content, including graphics and videos, that is available for you to publish to your social networks. All of the Life Happens Pro created content as well as any posts you have created are available in the Post Library.

Using the filters below you can see all the available resources that fit your needs. The total number of available resources based on your filters is also displayed.

Click on the thumbnail of a post to view the post details and preview the post. From the post detail screen you can then choose to Edit or Publish the post. For instructions on how to edit a post click here. For instructions on how to publish a post click here.


Post type filter

The post type selector allows you to filter the posts by who created them.  Select Life Happens Pro Posts to display only posts created by Life Happens Pro. Select My Posts to display only posts created by you.

Select platform filter

Select from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to display only posts for the selected social network(s).


Select categories filter

Select from the following content categories to define the type of content that fits your needs.

  • Resource Type: Video or Graphic
  • Branding: With or Without Life Happens Branding
  • Insurance Type: Life Insurance, Permanent Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Lack of Insurance, Business Insurance, Workplace Insurance, Generic, Financial Planning
  • Campaign: Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), Insure Your Love, Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM)
  • Audience by Life Stage: Single, Married/Partner, Stay-at-Home Parent, With Young Children, With Teens, With Older Children, Empty-Nester, Retired, Preretirees, Gen Y, Millennial, Gen X, Baby Boomer

Note: When you select from multiple categories it will narrow down the total available resources. For example, if you select Graphic and Video from the Resource Type category and Life Insurance from the Insurance Type category, this means that only posts that have the category 'Life Insurance' AND 'Video' or 'Life Insurance' AND 'Graphic' will be included in your AutoStream.

Post status filter

The post status filter allows you to display posts based on their current status. The available statuses are:

  • Scheduled: Posts that you have scheduled to post at a date in the future. All scheduled posts are displayed in yellow.
  • AutoStream: Posts that have been auto-scheduled using AutoStream. All AutoStream posts are displayed in blue.
  • Published: Posts that have been published to a social network. This includes both posts that were originally scheduled by you or AutoStream. All Published posts are displayed in green.
  • Draft: Posts that have been created but not yet scheduled or published to any social network. All Draft posts are displayed in gray.

Scheduled, AutoStream and Published posts can also be viewed in the Calendar format (For more information on the calendar view click here.)

Sort by filter

The sort by filter will allow you to change the order the posts are displayed from Newest first or Oldest first.