If you want to reuse a post you can easily do so by republishing it. Follow the steps below to republish a post.

  1. Find the post you'd like to reuse in the Post Library or Post Calendar and click the thumbnail to view the post.
  2. Click Republish and you will see the post editor page. You can reuse the post as-is or make changes before publishing. For more information on editing a post click here.
  3. Once the post is ready to publish you have the following options:
    • Click Schedule to select a date and time in the future to publish the post. In the pop up select the date and time for publishing and click Schedule. Note: All times are in Eastern time.
    • Click Publish now to publish the post immediately. A pop up confirmation will display indicating that the post has been published. Please allow up to one minute for the post to publish on your selected social network and appear in your Post Calendar.