AutoStream is easy to set up and can be done in just a few clicks. Follow to steps below to create your own personalized AutoStream.

  1. Navigate to the AutoStream settings page.
  2. Click the Select categories drop-down to select from the Life Happens Pro categories to filter the content that is used in your personal AutoStream feed.

    As you select categories, the system will automatically calculate and display how many posts are available to be included in your AutoStream. It will also display the search parameters you have selected.

    For example, if you select Graphic and Video from the Resource Type category and Life Insurance from the Insurance Type category, it will display ‘Life Insurance: Video or Graphic’ as the search parameters. This means that only posts that have the category 'Life Insurance' AND 'Video' or 'Life Insurance' AND 'Graphic' will be included in your AutoStream.
  3. Click on each day of the week (Sunday through Saturday) that you would like to publish the posts. You can select as little as one day or up to all seven days. Once you have selected a day it will be highlighted in green.

  4. Set the time(s) to publish the posts for the selected days. You have the option to set the same time(s) for every day selected or to set custom times for each day.

    If you'd like to post multiple times per day, simply click the Add button and select an additional time to post for that day.

  5. For each set day/time, you will need to select the social network you'd like to publish to. You can choose to publish to Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn by clicking on the appropriate icon. Once you have selected a channel it will be highlighted in color. For Facebook, select from the drop down to post to your Profile or a Page that you manage.

    You may publish to one channel or up to all three for each set time. If you select multiple channels for one set time, the same post will be displayed on all the selected channels at the set time. If you'd like to post different content at the same time you'll need to set up a separate time/channel setting for each.

Once you have set up your AutoStream schedule following the above steps, click the Save button to confirm your settings. AutoStream will then create your personalized post schedule. This may take a few minutes to process depending on the number of posts that are included. The completed personalized post schedule will then be displayed on your interactive Post Calendar. The posts that have been scheduled by AutoStream will be displayed in blue.